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Communication with our clients, shipment Management, products Logistics.


Our wide range of services and vehicles allows us to efficiently combine delivery time with quality of service at very low cost.


A whole world to manage your products, all in real time with our web connection and wherever you want.


All the solutions to provide the best answer to your store’s demands, the best services and more control to retain your customers.

E-commerce solution

All the solutions to give the best answer to the demand of your store, better services, greater control to retain your costumers.

  • Goods reception
  • Quality control/FIFO/LIFO
  • Product packaging/picking
  • SMS Tracking
  • Controlled stock
  • 24h / 7 days per week
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Our services as

Logistics managers

Now and with the same intent of providing the company with more resources and services we have set in motion a warehouse for logistics storage and goods handling, all of this controlled by a informatic system where the shipment reception can be checked in real time, as well as the preparation, stock control and orders.

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  • Goods reception

    Do not worry about the download, we verify with your orders the arrival of your goods.

  • Order preparation

    If your client makes an order, we will prepare it, package it and manage its delivery all with our own means.

  • Stock control

    All your stock in real time wherever you are, at the moment you will know what you have available for your sales, in addition to the management of your orders also in real time.

  • Control by lot or expiration

    We manage the expiration of your goods, so that nothing is out of date (FIFO-LIFO-FEFO).

  • Returns management

    If your customer is not satisfied, we deal with the return management, RMA, etc., integrating it back into the system.

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It has been very convenient relying on COGELO’s logistics management . My cost have fallen considerably and now I have time for many other things.

Laura Soto, Selling clothes for kids